Better safe than sorry

For 2019 the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 721,885 stolen motor vehicles in the United States, which is almost 2000 per day. While in the years up to 2017 predominantly premium vehicles with a high utility value were stolen, since 2018 criminals have also focused on classic cars and mobile homes. Both OEM and retrofitted anti-theft devices have proven to be ineffective in the past. So the constant worry about the car, especially when high-class and of significant ideational value, takes away a lot of the pleasure and joy that one normally wants to have in his vehicle.

We give you back this happiness

Peace of mind

Our mission is clear and simple.

We ensure that you will always find your vehicle exactly where you left it.

How it works

No electronic gadgets

Electronic immobilizers have proven ineffective in the past. This applies to both OEM and retrofitted equipment. This is intentional with the OEM equipment, because the insurance-financed replacement of stolen vehicles is a safe business for vehicle manufacturers and has now become a fixed item in their sales forecasts. This strategy allowed vehicle thefts in the UK to increase by over 50% in the past six years. Therefore, it is unlikely there will be effective immobilizers from the manufacturers in the future. This is precisely why we use those systems in your vehicle that are absolutely immune to any attempts to manipulating the electronics.

We block all 4 wheels of your car.

It does not matter which equipment the perpetrator uses and whether he manages to start the engine and put it into gear. The wheels remain locked. The vehicle doesn't move a single millimeter. The standard equipment of a car thief, namely the range extender to amplify the keyless-go signal of your key or a laptop, with the help of which malware is imported into the OBD socket to unlock the vehicle, becomes useless ballast.

No chasing after your vehicle

GPS tracking systems, which transmit the position of the vehicle to the owner via the mobile telephone network, have gained considerable popularity in recent years. This method of vehicle localization may be advantageous for the manager of a vehicle fleet during his day-to-day business, but it is absolutely unsuitable for tracking a stolen vehicle. So-called GPS / GSM jammers, which suppress satellite and cell phone signals, are part of the standard equipment of every professional car thief and are available online. In addition, tracking systems come naturally only in effect when your vehicle is already in the hands of the offender.

We won't let it get that far.

Because with the Car-Blocker R-367 system, we intervene precisely at the most sensitive point, which even well-organized theft incidents inevitably involve. Namely exactly when the theft event takes place and an attempt is made to move the vehicle.

We won't let that happen.

The last stand and the one and only effective protection

....... between you and the new owner of your car is the Car-Blocker R-367. Because it does exactly what the name suggests. It automatically blocks your vehicle from moving. Even if your key is stolen or if you are forced at gunpoint to leave the vehicle and hand over the key. Even when trying to tow your car or forcibly pulling it onto a trailer. Tamper-proof. Even if the thief has a lot of time and motivation to deal with your vehicle in your cozy underground car park or in the quiet parking space of your mobile home. If necessary, even over several years and even if you have disconnected the battery.

There is no alternative to our patented product.

Be the one who provides an unpleasant surprise and not the one who experiences it.


Car-Blocker R-367 Immobilizer
£ 598,00

The Car-Blocker R-367 System is for

- Modern vehicles

- Classic Cars

- Motorhomes

equally suitable and effective.


Order no. 367010 for M10 x P1.0 thread and brake lines with 4.75mm ⌀

Order no. 367012 for M12 x P1.0 thread and brake lines with 6.00mm ⌀

Accessory set for Automatic arming
£ 29,00

The accessory set for automatic arming includes an NC reed switch and a permanent magnet.

This ensures that the system is automatically armed when the engine is switched off and when the vehicle is left.



Order no. 368002

Accessory set with brake line parts and connectors
£ 39,00

The scope of delivery includes the following parts:

4 connectors for concave flared brake lines with brake line screw fittings

4 x brake lines, 45cm long, flared concave on both sides with brake line screw fittings

Order no. 368010 with M10 x P1.0 thread and lines with 4.75mm ⌀

Order no. 368012 with M12 x P1.0 thread and lines with 6.00mm ⌀

Hood-Blocker HB-5 for
blocking the bonnet
£ 149,00

The Hood-Blocker HB-5 system automatically blocks the bonnet. The bonnet opening lever can be moved normally, but has no function when the system is armed.

This means that the bonnet can no longer be opened by unauthorized persons. It is therefore impossible to manipulate the engine and / or the vehicle's electrical system.

Order no. 367HB5

Accessory set for covert actuation of the hood blocker
£ 59,00

The accessory set for covert operation of the Hood-Blocker HB-5 includes a capacitive switch.

It can be attached anywhere in the vehicle underneath the paneling, dashboard or center console. The switch therefore remains invisible and can be operated by tapping the point under which the switch is located.

It is therefore impossible for unauthorized persons to find this switch.

Order no. 367HB2

Here an anti-theft device for trucks is in the process of being created

Your order will gladly be accepted by telephone call at our hotline +49 30 30815360 or via email at

The prices apply to all deliveries ex works from the distribution warehouse in Berlin / Germany excluding VAT, which is to be paid by the customer upon the ordered goods entering the country of final destination. Freight charges are individually calculated and depend on the carrier and service. Custom duty fees may apply.




Recreational vehicles have recently become a preferred target for offenders due to the typical usage habits of their owners. Vehicle theft is always accompanied by the loss of many personal items in the vehicle. With the Car-Blocker R-367 immobilizer system, you can leave your mobile home worry-free for many months when it is not in use.

Classic Cars

Veteran vehicles generally only have mechanical safeguards that can be easily overcome with modern tools. Due to their design, retrofitted electronic immobilizers can easily be overridden. With the Car-Blocker R-367 system, we ensure that you remain the owner for as long as you wish.

Premium / Individual vehicles

Owners of highly individualized high-class vehicles are usually not able to purchase insurance that covers the actual value of the vehicle. In many cases, comprehensive insurance cover is no longer granted if compensation for an earlier claim has already been paid. With the Car-Blocker R-367 system, thefts of complete vehicles simply do not take place.

About us

We are a Swiss company registered in the commercial register with headquarters in Vaduz / Liechtenstein. We have distribution warehouses in various countries of the Europe for our foreign customers.

For our international business activities in and outside the European Union, we are registered with the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany under the VAT ID: DE 331285341 in accordance with §27a USTG.

The product was developed with the active support of numerous hundreds of members of the Stolen Cars UK Facebook Forum, which is founded and maintained by Mr. Dave Carley of Sussex / England.

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Videos of incidences which we could have avoided.

Keyless theft via range-extender
Time to drive off: 40 Seconds

Brutal car-jacking with knocking down the vehicle owner
Time to drive off: 20 Seconds

Theft by entering the vehicle and importing software via OBD socket
Time to drive off: 1 Min 40 Seconds

Theft by towing vehicle and winch
Time to drive off: 1 Min 40 Seconds

Keyless theft via range-extender
Time to drive off: 25 Seconds

Theft by manipulation of the electronic wiring harness
Time to drive off: 3 Min 10 Seconds

Cases in which we cannot help

..... of course do exist. In addition to vehicles with compressed air brakes or cable actuated brakes, this also includes the methods that we have illustrated at the end of this page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

.....we are happy to answer here.....

..... or on the English speaking hotline +49 30 30815360 at our distribution center in Germany

Car-Blocker R-367

No more paranoia

The fear of theft has already led to a change in usage habits among owners of high-quality individual and much sought for vehicles in many areas. A simple trip with your vintage car to the favorite café or the lakeside restaurant degenerates into the laborious search for a parking space, where the vehicle remains in eye contact. Activities that are normally "on the way" are omitted because the parking space in the supermarket or the parking lot opposite the pharmacy is too unsafe.

Areas that are particularly at risk are underground car parks or multi-storey car parks to which unauthorized persons can gain access without any problems and work in quietness and peace. Conventional immobilizers and anti-theft devices regularly fail here, so that entire series of vehicles are collectively "reparked".

We prevent this effectively.

Sleep peacefully

....... because we make sure that your vehicle does not move. Our patented technology is the only system in the world that is able to lock the wheels. It turns your car into an immovable piece of metal that can only be removed with a mobile crane or a helicopter with sufficient payload.

Never worry about theft again

....... because Car-Blocker R-367 works completely independently of the OEM on-board electronics. A manipulation via the on-board diagnostic socket or a range extender for the keyless-go signal of your key has no effect just as little as successfully overcoming the mechanical safeguards on veteran vehicles. Likewise, the Car-Blocker R-367 system cannot be induced to let go of your vehicle by arbitrarily disconnecting or applying voltage to cables or housings.

The relief from all worries

....... is only a phone call or an email away from you.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of your vehicle without being constantly concerned about an undesired change of ownership, we are at your disposal. We would be happy to advise you individually on your vehicle and the degree of automation of our system that you require. For those interested, we have two demonstration vehicles each in Vaduz and Berlin, which can demonstrate the protective effect of the Car-Blocker R-367 system.


Car-Blocker R-367 Immobilizer System


Order no. 367010 for M10 x P1.0 thread and brake lines with 4.75mm ⌀

Order no. 367012 for M12 x P1.0 thread and brake lines with 6.00mm ⌀

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367

Basic scope of delivery:

The Car-Blocker R-367 Immobilizer System Order no. 3670010 and 3670012 consists each of four units and a pre-assembled wiring harness as can be seen in figure 1.


1. Hydraulic unit

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Hydraulic Unit

2. Main control unit

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Main Control Unit

3. Infrared receiver

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 IR Receiver

4. Infrared sender

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 IR Sender

5. Wiring harness and double-sided adhesive

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Cables

    5.1. 1x four-wire cable for connecting the main control unit to the hydraulic unit, pre-assembled with two connectors

    5.2. 1x two-wire cable for the connection of the main control unit with terminal 30 (battery +) and terminal 31 (battery -) pre-assembled with a 3 ampere mini blade fuse and a connector

    5.3. 1x six-wire cable for connecting the main control unit to the IR receiver, pre-assembled with two connectors

    5.4. 1x three-wire cable for the connection of the main control unit with terminal 15 (ignition +) and optional door opening contact + reactive or - reactive

    5.5. 2x double-sided adhesive tape for attaching the IR receiver and IR remote control

6. Technical documentation and ECE approval

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Manual

    6.1. 1x installation manual on CD-ROM

    6.2. 1x operating manual on CD-ROM

    6.3. 1x ECE approval on CD-ROM and in paper form to be carried in the vehicle


Accessory kit for automatic arming

Automatic arming when leaving the vehicle

Most modern vehicles with CAN bus technology have no contacts that generate a + or - signal upon door opening. For applications in which automatic arming is required when leaving the vehicle, the signal must therefore be generated artificially. When using the automatic set, this is generated by a permanently mounted NC reed switch and a movably mounted permanent magnet.

Increased safety and user comfort

The NC reed switch is concealed on the side within the dashboard and the permanent magnet is glued to the inside of the door panel. There is no need to drill holes and / or install visible switches in the door frame. The installation is therefore not visually perceptible and does not impair the appearance of the interior.

No intrusion in the on-board vehicle electronics

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Reed Switch
The NC reed switch falls into closed when the door is opened due to the magnet moving away, thus establishing a connection to ground. This way the system is automatically armed. Failure to arm, e.g. out of forgetfulness or because one is distracted, no longer occurs. The vehicle is always secured, even if you stop at the bakery "just in the second row". There is no need to tap into the on-board vehicle electronics.


Accessory set with brake lines and connectors

Valuable help for the installation

The installation of the hydraulic unit always requires an adaptation of the brake lines. This can be done by making completely new lines for the connections between the master brake cylinder / hydraulic unit and master brake cylinder / ABS system (for vehicles without assistance systems, T-distributors left / right). If a completely new fabrication is not wanted and parts of the existing brake lines are to be used in this area, these must be adapted by inserting suitable connection fittings and, if necessary, brake line pieces.

Our accessory set makes installation easier

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Reed Switch

The scope of delivery, order no. 368010 includes the following parts:

4 connectors for concave flared brake lines with M10 x P1.0 brake line screw fittings

4 x brake lines 4.75mm diameter, 45cm long, concave flared on both sides with M10 x P1.0 brake line screw fittings

The scope of delivery, order no. 368012 includes the following parts:

4 connectors for concave flared brake lines with M12 x P1.0 brake line screw fittings

4 x brake lines 6.0mm diameter, 45cm long, concave flared on both sides with M12 x P1.0 brake line screw fittings


Blocking the bonnet with Hood-Blocker HB-5


Order no. 367HB5 for vehicles with 12V Power

Abbildung Hood-Blocker HB-5

Basic scope of delivery:

The Hood-Blocker HB-5 consists of a coupling unit, an electromechanical actuator and cables

Blocking of the bonnet

Under the bonnet there are generally units and components that are vital for the function of a motor vehicle. Access to the engine compartment allows manipulation of the electrical system, e.g. disabling the sound signaling device of an alarm system or insertion of a fabricated cable harness with unlocked main control units to steal the vehicle.

The Hood-Blocker HB-5 effectively prevents this manipulation by blocking the bonnet. While other systems are significantly intrusive such as requiring to cut into the sheet metal for the installation of additional hood locks, the Hood-Blocker HB-5 uses the original locking mechanism and deactivates it. Thanks to this minimal intrusive technology, the Hood-Blocker HB-5 is almost invisible even when the hood is open, can be dismantled without a trace at any time and is therefore particularly suitable for vehicles where an original appearance is important.

Arming / disarming can be done either automatically via interfacing with the Car-Blocker R-367 or manually via the capacitive switch, Order No. 367HB2.

Function of the Hood-Blockers HB-5

The Hood-Blocker HB-5 uses the factory bowden cable of the opening mechanism of the bonnet to perform its function. The bowden cable is cut at a suitable point in the engine compartment and the outer tubes are shortened so that the inner operating cable protrudes around 50mm on both sides. The coupling unit of the Hood-Blocker HB-5 is inserted between these two bowden cable parts. The electromechanical actuator is also attached to a suitable location in the engine compartment, the bowden cable between the actuator and the coupling unit attached and the actuator is connected to the power supply.

When the Hood-Blocker HB-5 is armed, the part of the bowden cable on the bonnet lock side is disengaged. The opening lever of the bonnet can still be operated over the entire mechanically possible way allowed by the manufacturer and against what appears to be normal spring tension. There is simply no function. The bonnet remains closed.

When disarmed, the part of the bowden cable on the hood lock side is engaged. The bonnet opening lever operates normally when activated. The hood can be opened.


Accessory set for covert actuation of the HB-5


Order no. 367HB2 for vehicles with 12V Power

Abbildung Car-Blocker R-367 Reed Switch

Basic scope of delivery:

The capacitive switch order no. 367HB2 consists of a touchpad and a switching unit.

Manual disarming of the hood blocker

The places in a car to install conventional switches in a concealed manner are limited. With a systematic search in the vehicle, an experienced car thief will always identify a switch that does not come ex works from the manufacturer and then operate it.

Our capacitive switch can be placed under any non-metallic surface such as underneath door panels, center consoles, or dashboards. The touchpad has double-sided adhesive already attached to it. A tap on the point under which the switch is located triggers the switching process. The thickness of the material through which the switching process can be triggered is up to 6mm.

The switch is not visible from the outside and therefore cannot be found. The interior of the vehicle remains in a cosmetically perfect original condition.

Hassle-free electrical connection

Car-Blocker R-367 Switch


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Car Blocker R-367 Immobilizer System

How does the R-367 Car-Blocker System work?

The R-367 Car-Blocker System hydraulically blocks all 4 wheels of the vehicle.

Does the R-367 Car-Blocker System offer absolute security against any kind of car theft?

No system can guarantee this, but the Car-Blocker R-367 can secure your vehicle to a far greater extent than any other system available. The only ways to steal a vehicle protected by the R-367 Car-Blocker-System are in fact a crane truck, a helicopter with sufficient payload, or a heavy professional truck with hydraulically operated lift device and a trolley for the rear axle.

Where is the R-367 Car-Blocker System installed?

The hydraulic control unit of the R-367 Car-Blocker System is installed in the engine compartment between the master brake cylinder and the first assistance system or, in older vehicles, between the master brake cylinder and the T-distributors on the left / right front and rear. The main control unit and the operating elements are installed in the vehicle interior. The electrical connection is limited to battery +, terminal 15 (ignition) and battery - (ground).

Can the R-367 Car-Blocker System be installed in all vehicle types?

The R-367 Car-Blocker System can be installed in all vehicles that actuate the brake directly hydraulically by pressing the brake pedal. The vehicles for which the R-367 Car-Blocker System is not suitable include:

  • Trucks with compressed air brakes
  • Vehicles with mechanical cable brakes
  • To a certain extent vehicles with SBC brakes (electrically operated hydraulics such as Mercedes R230, R199, C219, W211, Toyota Prius II)

I have a relatively new vehicle. Will the installation affect the warranty?

No. The manufacturer who wants to reject a warranty claim must always prove a causal relationship between the change made to the vehicle by the claimant and the defect that has occurred. The R-367 Car-Blocker System has no influence on the function or durability of vehicle parts. The installation of the R-367 Car-Blocker System can never be a reason for the rejection of a warranty claim regarding for example the engine, transmission or other components of the vehicle.

Can the vehicle be moved after the R-367 Car-Blocker System is armed?

The R-367 Car-Blocker System can be operated in two ways:

1. Without pressure

After arming, simply leave the vehicle alone. When the vehicle is operated with the system armed, the first braking process means that pressure is built up in the brake system, but not relieved again. The vehicle stops and cannot be moved any further. You will therefore find your car half parked or at the next intersection at the latest. Vehicles with automatic transmission cannot be moved at all, as the on-board vehicle electronics force you to press the brake pedal twice before you start driving. The first time when starting the engine, the second time when moving the gear selector lever from P to D. This means that even an unauthorized user builds up more than sufficient brake pressure that the vehicle remains in place.

2. With pressure

After arming, simply press the brake pedal twice before leaving the vehicle. This means that all four wheels are blocked. The vehicle can no longer be moved.

Can the wheels lock while driving?

No. The system works hydraulically and independently of the on-board electronics. In order to change the switching states the Car-Blocker R-367 requires the vehicle's on-board power. As soon as the ignition is turned on and the vehicle is in operation, the entire system is automatically disconnected from power. The vehicle is therefore absolutely safe from malfunctions. The wheels cannot lock up.

Does the system affect the braking or assistance system?

No. When disarmed, the R-367 Car-Blocker System behaves as if it does not exist. In vehicles with hydraulic primary systems, it has no influence whatsoever on brakes or assistance systems of any kind.

After trying to move my vehicle although the wheels being locked, I see a lot of error messages in my instrument cluster. Do I have to go to a workshop now?

No. The central processing unit of your vehicle detects the discrepancy between the values output by the brake pedal position sensor and the pressure in the brake system. As soon as the R-367 Car-Blocker System is disarmed and the vehicle is moved a few meters, normal values are produced again and the error messages disappear permanently and without consequences.

Are there any negative effects if the vehicle is parked with locked wheels for a long period of time?

No. The brake pressure that is required to lock a vehicle stationary is significantly lower than the brake pressure that is required to brake a vehicle from dynamic movement. Therefore, there is no increased wear. An intact brake system, when pressurized, even shows increased tightness compared to a non-pressurized system, because the built-up residual pressure pushes the O-rings into the gap between the grooves of the pistons and the inner walls of the cylinders in the brake calipers and master cylinders. The effective sealing surface is therefore enlarged and more effective than with a non-pressurized system.

Does the R-367 Car-Blocker System affect the electrical system or does it have to be somehow integrated into the vehicle electronics?

No. The R-367 Car-Blocker System is completely independent of the rest of the on-board electronics and has no influence on the rest of the vehicle systems. It only needs on-board power to be operated.

Does the installation of the R-367 Car-Blocker System have to be entered in the vehicle documents or does it require a certification of the DVSA or MOT ?

No. The R-367 Car-Blocker System is homologated under the certification number E8 13HR-086115 ECE and has therefore an ECE approval. Components marked in this way may be used in all European countries and carried and operated without a special entry in the vehicle documents. Neither an extension of the MOT test nor a certification of the DVSA is required as long as the area of use specified in the approval is complied with. However, we recommend that you carry the ECE approval along with you in the vehicle.

Does the R-367 Car-Blocker System consume a lot of power?

No. While driving, the R-367 Car-Blocker System is disconnected from the on-board network and therefore does not consume any power. While the vehicle is stationary, the unit draws an idle current of around 0.02 amps, which enables standby operation for at least 2 months. The system can be completely separated from the on-board power supply by an optional main switch. When armed before, it unfolds its full protective effect even when the power is disconnected.

What if the vehicle battery is empty?

Without on-board power, the system remains irreversibly in the switching state in which it was last set with sufficient power on. A minimum of 10.3 volts is required to operate the system. As soon as an attempt is made to operate the system with less voltage, a warning tone sounds from the IR receiver.

Does the R-367 car blocker system also protect against car jacking?

Definitely yes. As soon as you open the door and / or hand the vehicle keys to the robber, the system is armed. In such a case, we recommend running away quickly after handing over the key, as the unpleasant surprise usually annoys the robber very much.

Can the system's PIN code be wirelessly intercepted and/or copied?

No. The connection between keypad and receiver is purely visual. There is no signal transmission via radio waves, thus no interception possible.

Can the system's PIN code be decoded?

No. With a 4-digit PIN, the chance of entering the correct code randomly is 0.001%. In addition, the system only allows a maximum of three input attempts. The system is then blocked for 5 minutes and allows a further three attempts after this time has elapsed. After another unsuccessful entry, the system is blocked for 30 minutes.

Can a potential thief unlock the system with his own PIN by exchanging components, similar to a standard immobilizer by replacing the control unit?

No. The PIN is retained even if the main control unit and / or receiving unit are replaced.

Can the R-367 Car-Blocker System be put into some kind of factory default state in which the PIN is reset?

No. The system saves the PIN and does not change it, even if e.g. the battery is disconnected for months.

Can the system be manipulated by cutting cables or arbitrarily applying power?

No. The system remains in the switching state in which it was set by the legitimate user.

Can the R-367 Car-Blocker System be installed in a vehicle that already has a conventional immobilizer or other alarm systems?

Yes. It has no effect on systems that are already installed and is not affected by them.

Can the R-367 Car-Blocker System be taken from one vehicle to another?

Yes. The installation is completely reversible, but requires professional equipment and knowledge of braking systems.

How long does it take to install the R-367 Car-Blocker System?

Installation usually takes around 4 - 6 hours.

Can I install the R-367 Car-Blocker System myself?

If you have the necessary equipment and profound knowledge about the functionality and work on hydraulic brake systems, yes. We generally recommend installation in a specialist workshop.

Do I have to manually arm the R-367 Car-Blocker System every time I leave the vehicle?

No. If configured accordingly, the R-367 Car-Blocker System automatically detects whether the vehicle is parked and arms itself 5 seconds after leaving the vehicle. If there is a wish for a solely manual arming, this is also possible.

As the legal owner of the vehicle, how do I disarm the R-367 Car-Blocker System?

By entering a 4-digit PIN on the credit card-sized remote control.

Why disarming by entering a 4-digit PIN? A transponder key or a one-button remote would me much more comfortable.

Transponder keys and single button remotes can be stolen and thus the car driven away. As long, as the final step takes place in the head of the owner by entering a secret PIN, even with stolen keys the vehicle can not be moved.

Can I leave the remote control in the car?

Yes. Because only you as the legal owner know the PIN. We even recommend sticking the remote control in place on the side of the center console using double-sided adhesive pads. so that it cannot be lost.

As a user of the R-367 Car-Blocker System, do I have a loss of comfort when using the vehicle?

To a minor extent, yes. You need 3 seconds longer from getting in to driving off because you have to enter a 4-digit PIN before switching on the ignition.

What happens if I lose the remote control or its battery is empty?

We generally recommend leaving the remote control in the vehicle so that losing it cannot happen. The battery (CR 2025 3V) of the remote control lasts around two years when operated several times a day. We recommend a routine exchange after this time has elapsed. Should it be necessary to operate the R-367 Car-Blocker System without remote control, this can be done by sequentially pressing the button on the receiving unit. The correct PIN must be entered in sequence. The procedure is described in detail in the operating and installation instructions supplied.

Can I temporarily disable the automatic arming of the R-367 Car-Blocker System, e.g. when I return the vehicle to a workshop or to a hotel valet parking?

Permanent deactivation of the automatic system is easily possible by entering the appropriate PIN and confirming it on the keypad. CAUTION !!!!! YOUR VEHICLE IS THEN UNPROTECTED.

What if I forget the PIN?

Is there a way to disarm the R-367 system myself or with the help of the manufacturer?

If the PIN is irretrievably lost, the vehicle must be towed using a crane truck and brought to a specialist workshop, where the R-367 Car-Blocker System is exchanged for a completely new one. Even as a manufacturer, we have no way of disarming the system by means of a master PIN or any other back door.

Recreational vehicles

RVs have become a preferred target for criminals because of the length of time they are parked when they are not in use. While burglaries and partial thefts were quite common in the past, since 2018 a continuously increasing number of entire vehicles has been taken away.

This is due to the fact that mobile homes now have a very high quality equipment and thus achieve attractive profits. In addition, they are easy to alienate and are therefore easy to sell on the stolen goods market. With Car-Blocker R-367, your mobile home becomes a true piece of real estate that can only be moved by the rightful owner.

Classic Cars

Classic cars have a number of properties that are very attractive to thieves. The main factors are the ease of alienation and the design and age-related simplicity of the mechanical safeguards and the drivetrain.

While modern vehicles enable a clear identification due to the so-called "just in time" production by means of attached identifiers on practically every vehicle part, veteran vehicles were produced at a time when the manufacturer still practiced classic warehouse keeping. E.g. a modern BMW X5 has over 300 marked positions, which enable a clear assignment to a vehicle identity. Every cable harness, every electrical or mechanical unit, every window regulator motor, every seat cushion, almost every sheet metal part point to the associated vehicle, so that a thorough alienation of all relevant parts is neither feasible, nor justifiable for economic reasons alone.

A Mercedes R107, on the other hand, apart from the engine and gearbox number, can be clearly identified in the form of chassis numbers at just three different places on the body. A Mercedes W113 or a Jaguar E-Type as shown has even only two places. Motor / gearbox / aggregates are no longer to be used for identification purposes, as these have mostly already been replaced.

In all vehicles of this category, regardless of the manufacturer's brand, even complex electronic safety devices from the accessories are easy to bypass. Apart from the steering lock mechanism, which is easy to overcome, a cable between battery + and terminal 15 of the ignition coil is quickly hooked up. Using another cable, once the starter solenoid wire is briefly energized, the vehicle is ready for operation with the engine running. At most, in some vehicles with fuel injection, the fuel pump relay still has to be pulled and the pump power wire energized as well.

As long as the thief has just fairly enough time and peace in your cozy underground car park, there is NO chance to effectively protect your vehicle using a solely electronic device.

So it happens that until now, without exception, veteran vehicles have always been easily driven away and alienated with reasonable effort. The original identity is difficult or impossible to determine. In order to achieve good sales proceeds as a complete vehicle or in parts without risk for the seller, a shipment to foreign countries is therefore rarely necessary. This makes classic cars highly desirable targets for criminals.

We make sure that you sleep peacefully even when you keep your car in an underground car park. With the Car-Blocker R-367 system, you can enjoy your vehicle free and undisturbed and do not need to adjust your usage habits to a criminal environment.

Premium / Individual vehicles

With the opening of the Eastern Bloc countries, the sales markets and transport routes for stolen vehicles from the United States have changed significantly. Before this time, only Mexico, Central America and South America were the destination, but since the beginning of the 1990s it has also been the Eastern Bloc countries where modern vehicles with a high utility and prestige value are destined.

Apart from the 38% vehicles that end by being scrapped and sold in parts, a large portion is shipped to countries like Lithuania, Poland, Armenia and Georgia in addition to the traditionally established routes. Corruption in all these states is the main reason why even insufficiently alienated vehicles are provided with documents and even serviced and repaired in factory branch workshops.

Apart from the fact that the stolen vehicles are rarely found in the target countries, it is practically impossible to conduct effective investigations from the United States due to the huge distances.

With Car-Blocker R-367, you don't leave the organized parts and export marauders a single chance to drive off with your car. The classic tools for overcoming the electronic safety devices of your vehicle are rendered ineffective. With our help, you can avoid unintentionally becoming a participant in this market. We are happy to assist you.